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Let Isabella Bird Inspire you! - Happy International Women's Day from Job Coconut

Isabella Bird Bishop Manchurian

Work Abroad like Isabella Bird

When deciding to work abroad in a multilingual job you can come up with a hundred and one reasons not to – I’m too scared to travel abroad on my own, I will miss my family, what if I don’t fit in, what if I can’t get the multilingual job I want, working abroad sounds too stressful etc. However, if you have a positive and determined attitude like Isabella Bird then nothing will stop you.

In 1892 Bird was the first woman to ever be accepted into the Royal Geographical society for her contributions to photojournalism and literature as she adventured across the world, often on her own. A talented writer, she brought her work abroad and wrote about her experiences in the Rocky Mountains, China, Hawaii and Australia to name a few. As you can imagine, in the 1800s she was quite the female pioneer! Since it is International Women’s Day, we thought we would introduce you to this inspiring adventurer to give you some motivation for your ambitions to work abroad. If traveling abroad for a multilingual job is your dream, then grab it with both hands like Isabella Bird!

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