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Peacocking and Other Quirky Ways to Stand out in your Multilingual Job Interview

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Sick of Reading the same Interview Tips Again and Again?

Being a multilingual job board, we are very much aware that there are pages and pages of interview tips out there to be read. Many of them ream off pretty much the standard interview check list; dress smart, ask the right questions, don’t arrive late etc. These kind of interview tips and tricks are valuable, but everyone knows them by now and if everyone knows them then how are you meant to stand out? After all, when you’re applying for a multilingual job the competition can be fierce! Check out the picture above – these suited business people look very smart and ready to set off and work abroad in a new multilingual job, but don’t they kind of all blend into the one? Take a moment to consider the point of view of the interviewer who is probably interviewing many people for this position. Perhaps they’re the official recruiter for the company and this is what they do day in, day out! A good recruiter will take notes to distinguish one candidate from another, but wouldn’t it be so much better if they remembered you naturally? We think so! Have a look at our quirky list of interview tips and tricks below and make sure to let us know of your experiences if you find them useful! (Pssst Click Here for more blogs)

  • Peacocking

Some of you will have heard of the phrase “peacocking” before, but, for those of you who haven’t, it is when a person dresses with the aim of standing out to attract attention. We know that if you’re considering a work abroad job then you are already a pretty confident person, so why not show it in your clothing. Dress appropriately for the position, be presentable, but also add in a touch of pattern or colour that will help you be remembered. A tie with a unique design, a pair of socks with an unusual pattern or a thoughtful broach will catch the interviewer’s eye but also not be too distracting.

  • Be a Storyteller

When you’re heading in for a multilingual interview your head is full of things to remember regarding your skills, your job history, your goals for the future, the company’s profile, must know stats about your industry etc. But recalling a short and clever anecdote can also go a long way. Add in a bit of humour during the interview with a good story. Something funny that happened on the way into the interview could be great way to ease both you and the interviewer into the meeting. Or perhaps, if humour is not appropriate, a thoughtful anecdote about a mentor you had in the past or a eureka moment you had in a work abroad experience before would work just as well.

  • Make everyone feel Special

A big mistake people make when going into an interview is not being nice to the receptionist on the way in! Do you not think he/she will let their opinion be known the moment you’ve walked out the door? To avoid this faux pas, remember to acknowledge everyone you meet as you go in to and leave interview. The more people you positively interact with the more of a chance you will be positively talked about after!

  • With Great Power(Point) Comes Great Responsibility!

People love visuals. Think about how dull this blog would look without a few pictures. So, considering your interviewer is a human being, they’re probably going to love pictures too. When preparing for your multilingual job interview why not create a snappy PowerPoint of your skills and experience to show off. If you have ever had the opportunity to work abroad before then dedicate a slide to the positive experience you enjoyed. Bring it on a USB stick and email them in the days before the interview to let them know your plan. This will make you stand out from the crowd before you have even shaken the interviewer’s hand!

Confidence, professionalism and sincerity are all key attributes to have when going through the interview process, but with our quirky interview tips you’ll not only be a great candidate, you’ll also be a memorable one! While you’re here, why not check out our multilingual jobs? Your work abroad adventure begins with one simple click! 

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