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Preparing for that Multilingual Interview like a Dutch Person


Learning from Others - The Dutch Way

If you plan to work abroad then you probably expect that a different culture will have different ways of doing things. We all learn a thing or two when we work abroad with other cultures, but can they help us before we have even arrived? We found that the Dutch have a useful practice that might help you nab that multilingual job you’ve always wanted!

Dutch people generally raise their children to a guide known as the three Rs - rust, regelmaat, reinheid. For people who are not Dutch speakers, that translates into rest, regularity and cleanliness. But I am not a child, I hear you say, what has the three R’s got to do with me? Well the reason why good parenting exists is because good parenting results in well-balanced, happy people. When we are going for an interview this is exactly what we want to be. A good Interview requires preparation. Especially an interview for a work abroad opportunity in a multilingual job, after all you’ll have to fly back home if it all goes wrong! In the days before your interview for your multilingual job you should be your own parent. Even better, be a Dutch parent! So how do you Dutch parent yourself into your dream job?

Dutch rule one: Rust – Rest

Dutch parents take their children’s nap time very seriously. That means so should you. Many people have trouble sleeping before an interview, never mind an interview that could let you work abroad in your dream destination! So create the right atmosphere to help you get a good night’s rest before the big day.

  • A Dutch parent might take your phone away from you in the last hour before bedtime. Research says the white light of your phone tricks your brain into thinking it is day time and keeps your brain active as a result.
  • Try not to eat anything in the last four hours before bedtime. Sleep soundly like a Dutch baby instead of having your stomach trying to digest that late-night takeaway!
  • Nature always finds a way! Most people know a sachet of lavender flowers in your pillowcase will help you fall right to sleep, but did you know aloe vera emits oxygen at night which is very beneficial for a restful sleep?

Dutch rule two: Regelmaat – Regularity

A Dutch parent will try to keep life consistent for their child so that they have confidence in the world around them. You should create a routine for yourself in the days before the interview for your multilingual job so that you can be confident that the big day will go well for you.

  • A Dutch parent will make sure their child has a healthy filling breakfast! Make one for yourself every morning leading up to the interview. This will 1) keep you fighting fit, 2) save time when trying to pick what to have on the morning of your interview and 3) prevent your stomach from making whale noises in the middle of the interview!
  • Taking into consideration what time your interview will be at, try to go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning in the days before the interview. This will help your brain and body be in perfect rhythm on interview day!
  • Use physiological tricks! Do you have a pair of lucky underwear you wear to every big event? Although we’re not superstitious here at Job Coconut, this kind of routine can help your brain get into the right frame of mind for the next important event.

Dutch rule three: Reinheid – Cleanliness

A Dutch parent will keep behind your ears clean as well as everything else. It goes without saying, you should look presentable on interview day.

  • Pick out the clothes you are going to wear the night before the interview. Preparation the day before makes the next day smoother and will keep you looking smart.
  • Try not to bite your nails or fiddle with your hair in your interview. Not only will you appear nervous, but it is also not very hygienic.
  • Did you have to run for the bus and are now sweating into your good shirt on the way into the interview?  Plan ahead for such dilemmas by keeping a few hygiene products handy in your bag.

If you use three R’s of the Dutch then you should be well rested, presentable and confident going into your interview. With this little bit of help from our Dutch friends you’ll be one step closer to your dream multilingual job!

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