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The Danish Answer to Happiness

Happines 2

Working Abroad is another word for Happiness

If you have found yourself here chances are it is because you are looking for a multilingual job. But where in the world should you take your language skills? With this wide and diverse world that we live in it can be difficult to pick where to work abroad. Chances are you want to work abroad somewhere you will feel fulfilled, secure and generally happy. If happiness is your goal - and if you really think about it, no matter what you name your goal, our want for happiness is what is really motivating us all the time – then Danish speakers might be able to help you out! In 2016 the World Happiness Report was conducted, with Danish people coming out on top as being the happiest of people out of 157 countries! What is their secret? One word – Hygge.

Hygge is a better word for Happiness!

Hygge is a Danish word that is not easily translated, although everyone (including us) have given it a go! With the Danish experiencing long winter months, perhaps they needed to come up with a better response to a world of cold, darkness other than a Shakespearean cry, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!” With this word revolving around feelings of cosiness and warmth, we think that Danish speakers have developed a positive word which makes friends with the unkinder months of the year.

Hygge is a Danish word for anyone who loves the arrival of winter clothing on the highstreets because of the cosy feeling experienced when wrapped up in a new woolly jumper. Hygge is the warm feelings experienced when meeting with your friends in a soft, candle lit pub and enjoying a few hot whiskeys while you talk about the things that make you happy. Hygge is curling up with the dog to watch your favourite series on Netflix. Hygge is walking in the woods and feeling a comforting feeling of peace in your soul when surrounded by nature’s bounty.  Hygge is the Danish way of expressing a deep warm happiness that burns bright even when the winter storm rages outside.

Ultimately, Hygge is a state of mind, just like happiness is. So when you’re considering where in the world you would like to work abroad in your new multilingual job remember that the culture you choose to surround yourself by is also the state of mind you will come to adopt. Let your multilingual job take you somewhere that will make you truly happy. On your search for happiness while working abroad, take a leaf out of a Danish speaker’s dictionary (and we’d advise starting with letter H)!

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