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Marlatin Testers - Europe Group

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Fancy Learning a New Language? How about the new language for Mars??

An interesting project has come Job Coconut’s way but we need your help. This is probably the most unique job you’ll be offered in your lifetime so listen up!

As many of you will know people have already been recruited for the Mars-One mission to colonize the red planet. There are many different nationalities of people taking part in this mission and therefore there are many different languages available. However, because this mission’s purpose is ultimately one of colonization, the issue of which language will be used on the territory is a tricky topic. For this reason, a new language has been created – Marlatin. As you word lovers may have guessed, the new language is based on Old Latin.

Why are we telling you all this? Mars-One needs to know if their new language is viable and therefore they are testing it first on different groups of people from different areas of the globe. We have been lucky enough to be tasked with the recruitment for Europe’s group! The project will take three months in total and is well paid, with a relocation package included if required. Who knows what might be instore for you in the future when you are one of the few people who know the language of Mars!

 If you are up for the challenge then click the link to find out all the juicy details –

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