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W1siziisijiwmjevmdcvmjavmtivmduvmzyvndzkmgm0mzutnty4ni00otqxlwe1ytgtmmu4zdblmwu2mzzil2xvz28gc21hbgwucg5nil0swyjwiiwidgh1bwiilci0mdb4mzawxhuwmdnlil1d has developed very rapidly since its foundation in 2016 into an established leading European recruitment service provider. We are focused on recruiting and selecting highly specific candidates for a diverse group of European companies in several different industries.

For candidates we take care of the ‘next step’ in their career and providing them a new challenge in several countries and verticals.

For our business partners we provide highly qualified candidates.  We work in partnership with our clients to unearth exceptional talent, building relationships for the future. Due to our unique approach we are able to find the right candidates swiftly and we are fully equipped to become an extension to your Human Resources department.

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