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Airbnb Customer Service Agent

Job Description

Location: Barcelona

Skills: Native Level of French, Professional English

Salary: 16.500 Euro Gross/year 

An Ordinary Day of An Airbnb Customer Service Agent
8:00 Good morning! Wake up to a sunny day in Barcelona.

8:45 Enjoy your daily view of Sagrada Familia while riding your bike to work.

9:15 You got your first call! A new customer wants to know how to book a room in the Airbnb App. As you had a brilliant 3-week long paid training provided by Airbnb in the beginning, you can explain the process easily and patiently. This one is solved fast.

9:45 You have another call from a very desperate client but your professional service-oriented attitude and your native language skills help you to solve the problem again quickly.

10:30 This time you are providing support to a customer who had an issue during the payment for the Airbnb room via e-mail. Your quality-minded attitude is always useful to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. In the end, you have another good review!

11:15 After a coffee break, you are recording the information in the internal system about a traveler who could not log in to the App. You have changed the password and successfully handled another situation. 

13:30 Having your lunch on the terrace while talking to your like-minded international colleagues. To recover from the food-coma have some rest in the common chill area.

17:45 The afternoon went fast, you are finishing soon. Book your table in your favourite tapas place for later and head to the beach. Before making plans for the late-night, make sure you double-check your shift for tomorrow.

20:30 Your flexibility pays off. You are planning a day trip to Valencia for next Tuesday with your friends to enjoy a peaceful and cheaper trip during the weekday. Save your 2 free weekends for later, Barcelona is full of surprises!

How does this scenario sound like? It is up to you to be a part of it or even better to turn it to your own extraordinary story with personal improvisations. 

Ref: AIR01


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