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Client support with Dutch language

Job Description

Handle all incoming helpdesk calls from the Client business and suppliers of a procurement system nature, being the prime contact for customer enquiries. Ensuring telephone accessibility for the customers
• To pick up the telephone promptly as a priority over all other activities
• To create and maintain partnerships between customer service and external as well as internal customers in order to keep stable customer base
• To provide timely, accurate and relevant service related information in order for them to be delighted
• Solves problems largely by precedent with referral to detailed instructions/procedures
• To ensure the continuous improvement of response time to complaints and queries
• To have full scale knowledge and to be able recommend the most appropriate solution for the customer and answer custom
• PREQ to PO -PREQ/SC needs to be processed into PO in 2 working days
all PREQ/SC with requisition date from yesterday and older need to be processed daily starting with the oldest and continue with the newest - also from the current day
• clarification with user - reminder sent after 2 days (2+2), if no response received escalating to TL. Invoice investigation - all incoming AP workflows needs to be done within 2 days
• GR monitoring - regular processing of open PO on weekly base - starting right after the Tuesday download to AD, results of GR need to be written to the GR daily monitoring tracker every Friday.
• Email processing in POPS inbox - on daily base checking and processing emails in coming to the R&F inbox.
• Internal quality check - Every day till 10.00 am checking the selecting POs for you and after 10.00 a.m. checking the POs created by you and selected for the internal check, make the amendments or follow ups if a mistake identified and track in quality tracker once completed.
• Additional activities - Every Day filling in hours to the project time tracker, Vacation tracker will be updated after approval of vacation as approved, otherwise put TBA, correct and timely tracking of PREQs, SC, Category cards updates, Invoice Investigation, GR monitoring results, backup function if applicable will be automatically taken and conscientiously done, working on additional projects as required and completion as agreed timeline



• Very good communication and managing skills, ownership, willing to solve the issues, flexibility, detail oriented
• Good interpersonal skills (needs to be able to build relationships over the phone without meeting suppliers /  customers on a regular basis)
• Procurement and analytical background
• Good IT procurement skills. PC (Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and ERP (SAP) or other eRequisitioning tools essential.
• Good written and spoken English skills
• Good  written and spoken Dutch skills



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