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Dev Ops Engineer

Job Description

As the Dev Ops Engineer you will be responsible for researching, implementing, maintaining and supporting  operation’s IT strategy. You will be contributing to the implementation of best practices within the IT Department. Whilst working very closely with the CTO and the Development team, you will be responsible for facilitating the latest technologies whilst maintaining the online gaming infrastructure up to the highest standards and availability.

Key Responsibilities :

  • Maintain, configure and liaise with 3rd parties regarding network infrastructure and its components
  • Design, configure, install and maintain all hardware including, but not limited to clustered, stand alone servers, blade servers and SAN storage solutions
  • Support System architecture and its applications using open-source and proprietary technologies like Apache HTTPD, MySQL replication and/or clustering, Python, PHP, NoSQL databases, Memcache servers et al.
  • Setup Development, Staging and Production environments using best practices, including virtualisation, OS, management scripts, monitoring agents, etc.
  • Manage deployment systems and processes
  • Implement security and intrusion prevention strategy
  • Backup and Disaster recovery procedures
  • Implement monitoring and alert services 

Technical skills:

  • Comfortable configuring Cisco ASA firewalls, HP ProLiant switches, MSA Storage SAN, including vendor specific high-availability solutions
  • Strong network knowledge, including subnets, VLAN, routing, NAT
  • Excellent MySQL, Oracle or other RDBMS management, including different storage engines and high-availability solutions (native replication/clustering, percona, etc)
  • Excellent Linux administration skills with different distributions like CentOS, RedHat or Ubuntu, including basic services like Samba, iptables, postfix/sendmail, logrotate, etc
  • Experienced with different virtualisation solutions like VMWare, XenServer or KVM
  • Versed with Continuous deployment procedures and solutions like Fabric, Jenkins or Capistrano
  • Proficient with Automation software for server management  ex. Puppet, Chef or Salt
  • Experienced with setting and using monitoring tools like Zenoss, Nagios orCacti
  • Experienced with using Linux command line tools to troubleshoot and analyze problems in a system
  • Skilled implementing backup strategies, data rotation and log analysis
  • Experienced with maintaining HP Blade enclosures, servers and SAN storage 

Desirable Skills:

  • Proven experience in high-traffic and high-available systems;
  • Capable of writing complex bash, python, perl or other scripts
  • Comfortable with database configuration, fine tuning and different storage engines
  • Experience with message queue systems configuration (ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ)
  • Experience with administering NoSQL solutions such as Redis and MongoDB would be desirable
  • Working experience with Scalable Distributed file systems and big volumes of data handling would be considered a plus

Person specification:

  • A ‘can-do’ attitude
  • Capable of leading and motivating others
  • Committed team worker
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to think creatively
  • Hard working individual with pride on his/her work

Education / Qualifications:

  • A computer science related degree
  • Vendor certificates related to the subject 



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