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Help other job-seekers as a Recruitment Consultant

Job Description

Help other job-seekers as a Recruitment Consultant in Prague

As a job-seeker you will most likely have a good idea of how the job market is at the moment. A lot of companies are asking applicants to have years of work experience for entry-level positions yet you can't apply because you do not yet have any experience. This can make it seemingly impossible to get on the career ladder. But not all companies are like this - NonStop Recruitment will invest in you, developing your career and talent.

NonStop Recruitment is a specialist recruitment agency that is focused on training, developing and growing our own people regardless of their prior experience. How far can you grow, I hear you ask? Our Managing Director, Oliver Donoghue, started with our company 11 years ago and through hard work and determination, aided by our award-winning training programme, he not only became one of our most successful consultants, he became a NonStop leader.

A NonStop Recruitment Consultant acts as a middle person between employers and job-seekers in a specific niche market. You will be proactively finding both of these parties, forming relationships with both, and then matching them based on the best fit. Your NonStop development begins in Prague with our award-winning training program (2010 - National Graduate Recruitement Awards and 2016 - highly commended in The Global Recruiter's Best In-House Training category). NonStop will invest in you throughout your career to help you climb the ladder as far as you want to go.

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