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IT Support Analyst (German)

Job Description

Are you ready for a big role? 

You are a recent graduate or, perhaps an experienced professional.

Either way, you are great with tech. Even if assisting with tech issues is not an official part of your job today, it sure could be tomorrow.

And you definitely would not mind that.


But are you ready to take on an opportunity this big?

You are a fluent German speaker. You are detail-oriented and structured. You know how to prioritize your tasks and take advantage of your free time.

Your friends call you a real problem-solver.


Still, would you be ready to take on this kind of job?

You have great communication skills, yet you know how to actively listen. Figuring out the real cause of the problem and solving complex issues makes you feel truly fulfilled.

The learning process is a part of your life. You seek constant improvement and new opportunities to develop your skills.


Yet, do you really think you are ready to take this role?

You are not an emotional character. You do not act rashly and will not do anything without carefully weighing up every available piece of information. And the only thing that is keeping you from this opportunity is being told that you are not ready for this role.

Our client is a multinational company providing IT and business consulting services. The company stands out strongly with its friendly and supportive working culture based on a very close and warm relationship among employees. The office in the center of Brno has been growing very significantly since 2016 and the company is now looking for ambitious talents ready to grow together with the company.

Providing support to the business clients of one of the biggest IT players in the world is a big task. Ensuring their satisfaction and always keeping a professional is not easy.

So, here is the challenge.

Let me know why are you ready for a job like this via

Ref: BIT01


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