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Italian-Speaking Customer Service Representative

Job Description

Alice's Garden is an online distributor of garden furniture and equipment. Our vision is to bring conviviality to outdoor spaces with our design and functional products.

We are a young international group with a turnover of 70 M€ across 9 countries in Europe.  We employ 100 people of which 25 are based in Barcelona to manage our Spanish, English and Italian subsidiaries. The Italian team currently consists of 4 people covering e-commerce, supply chain and customer service functions.

Italy is a young market to develop as the country is undergoing a digital transformation. Our customers appreciate us because we offer a home delivery service at a competitive price while providing a quality service. Our reputation is already established, we find solutions to satisfy our customers. We are proud of our 4.4/5 rating on Trustpilot.

We are growing and are looking for talent to take our customer service to the highest standards in the market.  We are looking for a talented and experienced person who sees themselves as a leading player in building customer service. A person who likes to give service and who knows how to inspire, set the pace and train young people. This is an operational area where the example set by the leader makes all the difference. This rare pearl could be you! Try the adventure and join us, we are in the heart of Barcelona. Conviviality guaranteed ;)

Your operational mission will be focused on contact with our customers. You will be trained to be able to answer most of the questions and needs of our customers. 90% are after-sales cases that require a good understanding of our processes and products to be resolved. You will discover the other side of an exciting garden offer. For example, have you ever wondered how to replace a parasol handle? This is the kind of solution we will teach you.

When a customer contacts us, we want every member of our team to be able to respond directly to that customer. That's easy to say, and to do it well you have to be a real pro. You'll have to answer questions about the delivery of an order, identify the causes of anomalies, coordinate a return to our warehouses, find spare parts to replace or repair, or explain to a customer how to assemble or repair a piece of furniture. Quite a programme.

To like this job, you have to be,

  • Be social, patient and a good listener.
  • Enjoy responsibility and have leadership in the organisation of a department.
  • Be organised, concrete and productive
  • Like to find and provide solutions. 
  • Be ready for change and enjoy learning new things.

To be good at this job, you need 

  • Have at least 5 years of significant experience in a customer service environment.
  • Be hands-on and practical to provide intelligent solutions. 
  • Have a good understanding of the reality of a logistics and transport business.
  • Have a good understanding of our processes and workflows.
  • Juggle with IT tools.
  • Respond to emails in a concise manner.
  • Pick up the phone without fear and understand what our customer wants.
  • Negotiating, being firm and not being pushed around



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