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Junior Web Engineer

Job Description

StyleLounge’s ( mission is to become the leading search engine for fashion in Europe. Founded in 2014 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and investors, it is the first functioning price comparison platform that has offers from over 500 online retailers. We are currently present in 6 countries and planning to expand to the next two within months. We are growing extremely fast (currently >2M visits/month growing at >20%/month) and so is our international team. You will be part of a cross-functional agile scrum team consisting of highly-skilled engineers with a deep understanding of beautiful code, scalable microservice architectures and considerable experience in the industry.
We leverage cutting-edge tools, languages and services and try to create the best possible technology stack for our future growth.
What we do - Buzzword-Bingo
A horizontally scalable application consisting of decoupled reactive message-driven microservices written in TypeScript running on node.js either serverless or in kubernetes-orchestrated containers, continuously tested and integrated using Wercker serving multiple highly scalable, stateless web applications supported by centralized logging and metering. We move from many tests to test-driven development. We only support nextgen browsers and use Sass, flexbox and BEM. We like functional programming, best practices, design patterns, schema validation, reactivity, idempotency, thinking about side-effects of things and simplicity. We spend time discussing and implementing the right solutions that allow us to stay scalable and reactive towards growth and changing requirements. We design our architecture using Lego and a whiteboard. Drinks are free. Parties are common.
Check out
Your responsibilities
  • Use cutting-edge technologies to create a great scalable microservices platform
  • Implement and maintain various services
  • Help shape our future software architecture
  • Learn and share your knowledge with the team
  • Improve our own and others’ open source projects
  • Sustain scalability, maintainability, testability and high quality code

Your qualifications

  • Successfully studied computer science or something comparable
  • You're eager to research and improve best practices for problems
  • Good knowledge in object oriented programming
  • You care deeply about learning new things and doing things the right way
  • Strict adherence to clean code paradigms
  • You worked with JavaScript, C#, Java, TypeScript, Elixir, Scala, Go or Swift before
  • 3+ years coding experience

We offer

  • Seriously great team spirit
  • Great KPIs, investor trust and ever-decreasing burn rate
  • A rockstar engineering team with a deep theoretical and practical understanding of technology
  • Endless fun with state-of-the art technologies
  • Free Mate (and all other drinks)
  • Located right in the heart of Hamburg at Afrikahaus
  • Regular talks and events
  • Awesome parties

If you are interested in working for us, please send us your application to



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