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Lead Front-End Developer

Job Description

A Lead Front-End Developer plays a crucial and central role as part of the Product & Development Department; participating in product and web roadmap strategy planning, implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance and optimisation. So if you’re talented, motivated and are looking to take the next step in your career, this is the perfect opportunity for you!


The Lead Front-End Developer is responsible for carrying out all aspects of product/web front-end development through a range of different tools and platforms. This is a full time position based at our Malta offices. Reporting to the Head of Product & Development, your key areas of responsibility would include:


  • Construct, improve and integrate User Interfaces (Product & Web) with engineering;
  • Work closely with the Head of Product & Development in defining product/web strategies and optimisation;
  • Work closely with UI/UX designers, carrying out research, discussing low fidelity concepts, and creating functioning prototypes to test out new ideas and designs;
  • Replicate high fidelity mockups into working software components;
  • Test cross-browser and multi-platform of front-end implementations;
  • Work with Web and Product devs to integrate front-end code;
  • Consult with Product Management and UX aiming at improving the company’s products and services;
  • Co-ordinate and identify improvements in product/web front-end;
  • Train, mentor and assist front-end developers as necessary to perform at optimal levels;
  • Carry out going maintenance and bug fixing as well as enhancements of product features.


Required experience in technologies:


  • HTML5;
  • CSS3;
  • JavaScript & JavaScript Libraries;
  • Knowledge of A/B/n testing principles;
  • Knowledge of MVVM patterns and SPA frameworks; such as knockout.js / angular.js;
  • Knowledge of Versioning systems such as Git and Mercurial (Hg);
  • Knowledge of responsive development;
  • Knowledge of Adobe applications; mainly Photoshop and Illustrator;
  • Experience in UI Development for Mac OS X / iOS; such as Xcode, Objective-C, Cocoa, Swift and web-views;
  • Experience in mobile app development (Plus);
  • CSS Pre-processors Sass / Less (Plus);
  • Knowledge of template technologies such as Django and Jinja2 (Plus)


Personal Skills required:


  • To pay close attention to detail where every pixel matters;
  • A creative approach to problem solving, coupled with an ability to communicate and delegate effectively;
  • A passion for quality and continuous improvement of processes and front-end material;
  • Excellent interpersonal, organisational and presentation skills;
  • A minimum of 3 years experience in front-end development;
  • Experience working within an Agile environment using methods such as Scrum.




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