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Russian Trust & Safety Specialist

Job Description

Russian Trust & Safety Specialist

We believe people are fundamentally good. We also believe people deserve peace of mind. We want to create a community where users feel confident sharing a living space with somebody they’ve never met. By requiring certain types of Verifications, we assist our users with creating an online presence which, in turn, will result in a more trustworthy and transparent community. 

What is Verification? 
Verification refers to the process whereby an user obtains Verified ID. A user receives a Verified ID badge when they successfully provided both Online and Offline forms of identification. LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+ are all forms of Online identification. To satisfy offline identification, the user can provide a copy of a government ID, or verify a few personal details using a third-party identity verifying provider. 

What is Checkpoint?
Select reservations are identified for checkpoint review, and the guests are required to complete Verified ID before their reservation will move from pending to accepted status. A Verification Supervisor  will assist if there are any problems during this process. 

Desired Candidate Experience: 
• Language skills: Fluent English and Russian
• Exhibit strong verbal (phone) and written (email)  interpersonal communication skills. 
• Demonstrate a passion for building Trust and a drive for results
• Detail Oriented - you do your due diligence when completing an investigation
• Display ability to learn and adapt to new technologies. 
• Make solid judgment calls and have a strong moral compass. 
• Employ excellent problem solving, critical thinking and customer service skills. 
• Remain calm and empathetic - always able to adapt to any situation by personalizing responses and educating our community while remaining level headed in tough situations.
• Ability to multi-task, organize and work with rapidly changing priorities. 

Core Function Responsibilities: 
• TnS Agent  must have completed Verified ID
• TnS Agent  will maintain the Frozen Reservation (checkpoint) queue by: 
o Allow reservations in the queue to reach 8 hours, but not exceed 9 hours, before action 
o Based on available information, a determination to either approve or deny will need to be made for any reservation at 11 hours enqueued prior to reaching 12 hours. 
• TnS Agent  will maintain the Verification Inbox, responding to emails associated with queued reviews and ensuring that total ticket volume in Inbox does not exceed 60 daily tickets. 
• TnS Agent will process a daily average of 70 queued reviews daily. 
o Each queued entry may or may not have and associated ticket. 
o Expectation is that TnS Agent  will be able to meet KPIs above after 1 week of training and 3 weeks of queue-work and ongoing learning / shadowing. 
• TnS Agent  will work collaboratively with our  Verification Team, as well as with internal  agents, remaining adaptive to quality, coaching, and performance feedback. 
Benefits include free onsite gym, free parking, subsidised canteen, free onsite GP and occupational health nurse, pension scheme, tax savers scheme, bike to work scheme, company discounts in several stores and restaurants, sports and social clubs and events and genuinely opportunities to progress and grow within the company.



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