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Sales Consultant

Job Description

Danish call center in Cebu, Philippines looking for sales motivated sellers who are fresh and mixing work with adventure for a period.

The Philippines is a fairytale land that has so many things and offer. Especially in terms of their stunning scenery, among them lavish bounty beaches galore. The Philippines is also known for their wonderful culture, and for and be very western friendly. We believe that one of the things that shape you as a person are your surroundings. And therefore it is to live in another country, with and provide influence on who you are and being as a person in the future.

Office that you need to work on is located in Cebu, which is an island in the Philippines. Whereupon the second largest city in the Philippines lies: Cebu City. The island is among other things, popular for its fine beaches, beautiful scenery and exciting nightlife.
As an employee of the company will get thorough and intense training in their products to give you the greatest opportunity and earn the best possible way. You will primarily and contact Danish traders and meetings with them as a vendor in Denmark can follow up

The company is also engaged in providing information in an industry for example. budgets, contacts, products and target groups.

Requirements for the job

- Gift of the gab
- The desire to be the best seller
- Happy and smiling
- Outgoing
- Love to travel
- Sales experience is an advantage but not a must
- You are fluent in Danish fluent in speaking and writing

We offer

- high commission rates
- Excellent training
- International environment
- Paid company trips in Asia min. 2 times per year.

The first month is commission based, then you can choose a fixed guaranteed salary of 40,000 pesos plus commission of book costs. Or that only to be commission based, and making larger commission per meeting.
The reason why there are used this salary model is that many disreputable people who come down there and not doing what they are supposed too, and instead get the first pay check and then go on backpacker trip trough Asia.

The company is in contact with many real estate agents that helps to find really good deals on among other permanent housing and hotel stays.
You get 21 day visa when you come into the country, then extends to every other month.



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