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Senior iOS & Android Developers

Job Description

iOS/Android Developers – Home working with an office opening in Munich late 2015.

This project is a real opportunity for developers to work on something that will get a fair amount of attention when launched next year. Our client is well-known in the worldwide mobile devices industry because of his work related to smartphone patent disputes (Apple v. Samsung etc.), with 16,000 Twitter followers including industry execs, many hundreds of journalists etc. (he also has 1,500 contacts here on LinkedIn). He is investing seriously in this project. In connection with this project he has already filed patent applications relating to three inventions.

1) In 1995 he was the first person outside the U.S. to work with Blizzard Entertainment. He coordinated sales, marketing and PR for, and singlehandedly translated, Warcraft II - Tides of Darkness (nowadays World of Warcraft, from the same game franchise, is the world's most popular massively-multiplayer online game). Under his responsibility, Warcraft II reached the top of the German sell-through rankings (MediaControl) before it did anywhere else. It was Blizzard's first #1 hit worldwide. His name is listed in the credits of Warcraft II as well as Starcraft I (provided one doesn't install the Brood War extension in which he wasn't involved with that one and it has its own credits).

2) In 1996 he founded an online gaming company, Rival Network, in Munich, which he sold to Telefónica in early 2000.

English is the key language for this project. The product will launch in English first, and all of the internal source code comments and variable names are in English.

The project / business will be a quiz game app, but with a gameplay concept that is fundamentally different from e.g. QuizUp and with significant technological advancements over the existing products in that field. It will make way better use of touchscreens than existing quiz games (that's what two of the aforementioned patent applications relate to), it will come with interesting options for players, and it will be in a better position than the competition to ensure that players are asked questions that are truly of interest to them (a real issue with the existing products which ask players too much stuff of the "who cares?" kind).

Android (language: Java) and iOS (language: Swift) are the key platforms. If someone additionally knows C#, that may be helpful for the cloud component (which will run on Microsoft Azure). Key libraries related to the game logic are originally written in C# because the content editor for this is written for Windows (I'm still working on that one), but C# and Java are so similar that any Java programmer can read C# code easily.

As for relocation, the plan is for everyone to work from home until about mid-2015 and just meet in person from time to time. A very successful Swedish software company he once advised on corporate strategy matters (MySQL AB, acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2008 for $1 billion in what was named the European Venture Capital Deal of the Year by industry group EVCA) also started on that basis and even in the long run had people work mostly from home. But face-to-face meetings will be necessary once or twice a month, and apart from that, it would be quite an administrative challenge for a small company to have full-time employees in more than one country at the same time.



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