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System Design Engineer - Amersfoort

Job Description

The System Design Engineer (SDE) position is a senior engineering position within the Sales Department. The position is office based but will require incidental travel if needed. The System Design Engineer supports the Sales department on the design and the technical validation of all large projects and projects for vertical market accounts. In pursuit of that, the System Design Engineer will have the following responsibilities:

Main Tasks

  • Pro-actively support sales managers and technical sales/ account managers with large designs, tenders and quotes.
  • Advise application engineers on their designs.
  • Manage the required follow up on all large designs, tenders and quotes.
  • Report the status of all large designs, tenders and quotes to sales and technical management.
  • Pro-actively evaluate with the involved sales manager or technical sales/account manager on the outcome of all projects.
  • Inform product development through the standard processes about required products or products improvements needed for complying with tenders or enhance system designs.

Secondary responsibilities

  • Evaluate report and pursue requested information on product specification and/ or certification of products needed to comply with medical, military or environmental specifications or certifications.
  • Evaluate competitive designs and system products and create alternative designs.
  • Advise on the efficiency of the large project follow-up

Personal responsibilities

Be able to perform all advisory functions of an Applications Engineer, at the

highest level, as described in the Applications Engineer job description.

  • Maintaining knowledge on the complete product line.
  • Maintaining certification in all product, test equipment, and technology areas as per the available TQS (Technical Qualification Sheet) documents

Reporting responsibilities

  • The System Design Engineer reports daily on the progress of all large designs, tenders and quotes through the software application intended for this.
  • The System Design Engineer reports weekly in writing the status of projects that need attention from sales or technical management
  • The System Design Engineer reports immediately if immediate action is required to make sure the follow up on large designs, tenders and quotes is not jeopardized.


  • Fluent command of the English language.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Professional and friendly attitude that demonstrates a genuine desire to help solve problems and work with others in a friendly atmosphere.
  • BSEE from an accredited college, university or equivalent.

Ref: 2005-5793