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UK VIP Manager

Job Description

The VIP Manager’s main objective is to increase loyalty and activity from our top-tier players by applying cohort analysis on player segments to improve CRM.


Primary Areas of Responsibility:

  • Increase our top players’ activity, satisfaction and loyalty to our brand measuring KPIs such as churn, deposited amounts, game play and net gaming revenues.
  • Benchmark offering and targeted promos against competitors.
  • Be involved in improving Ellmount’s overall service to our customers, improve our players’ satisfac-tion with our site 
  • Define a VIP player strategy
  • Monthly follow up and reports



  • Increase activity of top players
  • Proactively contact top players
  • Proactively contact potential top players
  • Plan, execute and follow up on promotions


Analyze and improve KPIs:

  • Increase deposited amounts, turnover in game play and net gaming revenues
  • Find ways to combat churn
  • Follow up on bonuses and promotions and report back
  • On a daily basis monitor the top players
  • Follow up on these KPIs: deposited amounts, turnover, retention, reactivation, churn, customer loyalty and overall satisfaction (via customer surveys)


Processes, routines and back office

  • Come up with suggestions on processes around VIP management and outbound agents
  • Come up with suggestions for improvements on the back office features for VIP Management
  • Come up with suggestions for improvements for the web site to improve top players’ satisfaction
  • Keep a detailed VIP manager work routine document updated, which describes segmentation, com-munications, bonuses etc


Cooperate with other teams

  • Cooperate with the team in Costa Rica and the team in Stockholm



  • From time to time benchmark what competitors are doing for VIP players



  • Set up and report results at the end of each month/weekly



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